Shallow (ft. Ruth Cho) - Prod. by Underdog

I don’t wanna be...


[Verse 1]

I’m thinking bout myself only

Set a holy grail on me

Decorate it with the finest

Type of silverware only

Better put a veil on me

Looking at you like a trophy

Maybe cuz I feel lonely

Write a fairytale of me

Sandcastle in the air

Hope it doesn't fail on me

Hope it doesn't fail on me

맞아 맞아 man, it’s way too easy to be caught up in the lies

맞아 맞아 everything in HD got me thinking so slime

맞아 맞아 all these superficial thoughts keep plaguing my mind

Man I wanna only think it's their problem, not mine



I don’t wanna be so shallow

I don’t wanna be so shallow

I wanna see you beyond the glamour

I wanna see you beyond the glamour


[Verse 2]

The truth is…

I’m like a taxidermy

So concerned about the vanity I'm acting phony

Living for approval dying by the acrimony

Envy on the low pretending that I'm lacking worries

Heart and my soul’s in need of revival

Feel it in my throat, my pulse, all the vitals (아이구)

I guess my need to be known’s the same as your own

I'm just tryna find my shalom (pull-up) SKRT

I gotta kill that!

Treating people like commodities

No, I don’t feel that!

Uncle Phil that habit out of me

This will make a man out of me

Took another little swig of my ego

Lord, I need a veto

Am I Really playing at casinos

with my life in the dice?

What's the price I gotta pay

to put aside my pride and require me to say?



Help me love you better. Help me to love you right x3

I cannot do this on my own.